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This is where you find the gear I recommend.  This is not a resource where to find endless lists of gear from every manufacturer in the industry.  Because the number of options can seem overwhelming, I have tried to simplify the options for you.   I am on the water putting this stuff to the test over 300 days a year.  Trust me, when you make a living using this gear, you are able to cut thru the BS fast.  I am giving you the straight scoop on this stuff.   If you trust my credibility, this is the place that makes it all easy!



            Sage One Series 7136-4   *buy

            This is my answer to the question , "if you could only own one spey rod, what would it be?"  Whether it is the Z-axis or old brownie, the 13'6" 7wt has long been recognized as a great all around spey rod.  You can very simply do just about everything with this rod.  Light enough to fish half pounders on the Klamath but   still enough rod to not feel under-gunned on your trip to BC.  When I lived in Skeena country, I even fished the early run of small kings with this rod.  Now that I spend my days helping others catch fish, this is the rod I put in people's hand when I need an easy rod to cast.  This rod has the guts to allow my anglers to effortlessly toss T14 tips while, at the same time, still having the finesse to throw sexy loops with scandi heads.

                        Match this up with one of these reels:

                                                                   Hardy Bougle 4"  *Learn more or buy


                                                                   Bauer ? (if you like training wheels (drag))   *Learn more or buy

                        Line it with for tossing sink tips:

                                                                   Airflo 540 Compact Skagit   *Learn more or buy

                                                                                      Custom integrated tip set (3 tip set)  *Learn more or buy

                         Purchase complete package w/ Hardy

                         Purchase complete package w/ Bauer



            Sage TCX 7119-4   * Buy

                It seems all the rage in the spey world now is over switch rods and for good reason.  When they first hit the scene, I was a little skeptical about the practicallity of these shorter rods but I have been impressed with were the technology has taken these things!  This rod is simply the ultimate tool for tossing scandis and popping dries - casts a freakin mile while still being light in the hand.  At the same time, I don't hesitate load these things up with Skgit Short chuck