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A widely used material by the center of the inner circle, this special coon is just now being recognized by many as the ultimate pb substitute when spinning the front collars of intruders and other big wigglies.  Dub in a generous portion behind the front hackles and it will provide enough support to hold out the fly's legs allowing them to swim independently.  Some less stiff materials like arctic fox do little more than add extra "bulk" to the fly, making them harder to cast and sink.  They don't provide enough support to hold out the hackles so the fly slims down to little more than a leech in the current.  Yes, fish eat leeches too but if that's the shape you're after, why spend 45 minutes tying a gucci intruder when you could simply whip up a stringer and achieve the same end result.  Try Steelycoon and notice how nicely the fly maintains its full silhouette when fished under tension even in fast currents.  One tying hint: after cutting off your hank of fur from the hide, be sure to pull out most of the under fur before placing it in the dubbing loop.  This fluff tangles when spinning and does nothing more than add unwanted bulk to the fly.  Almost impossible to get in the mainstream shop, we offer Steelycoon in a variety of colors.  

Note:  No two pieces of coon are exactly the same!  When ordering, you can expect some variation in color, as well as stiffness of hair.  You will also notice a variation in the size of the pieces.  When the pieces are originally cut they are "at least" 3 square inches (some shrinkage can occur during the dying process).  Often times the pieces will be much larger.  When you get such pieces DON'T EXPECT that to be the standard.  Rather than trimming excess off and throwing it away to simply standardize the sizes, we figure it makes sense to pass the bonus on to you.  But, it's exactly that - a bonus!  We have had customers in the past complain about some of the pieces being too small, when in actuallity, it was some of the other pieces that were too big!!!  

Purple (Gentian Violet):



Orange Banded:

King Fisher Blue:


Olive Light:


Olive Banded: