Steely Shanks

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Along the Intruder's evolutionary path, the fly has taken on all kinds of shapes and sizes.  They have been dressed up in just about every material imaginable!  They have also been tied on a number of different platforms, from cut off hook shanks, to bended piano wire, to spinner wire, and now even tubes.  For a time, many of us had settled on the old 4/0 Mustad 3680s as the ultimate shank.  They were long enough to provide enough shank to tie our large critters on and heavy enough to help the fly ride low without tons of added weight.  The also had a long flat eye return that gave a great base when lashing on lead eyes.  But as is the case with just about everything good on the market, it was discontinued shortly after we had settled on this being the ultimate Intruder Shank!  Since that time, I have never found another hook that provided me with the necessary length and same heavy wire platform.   And even if I had, I am sure I am not the only one that thought it was crazy to have to take a perfectly good hook and cut the bend off it to simply get a shank.  So, that being said, we have now created the ultimate platform to build intruders on!  Our Steely Shanks were designed specifically for tying Intruder style flies!  They are a gloss black finish and come in a variety of different lengths.  Also note, many of our customers are finding that these shanks lend themselves perfectly to leeches and other articulated flies!