Steely Legs - fire tip

Price: $3.15

Each different series of our Steely Legs are the base material for the hot new Squidro pattern.  Once you get past the fact that Squidro stems from the same branch on the family tree as the bass jig, you can’t help but see its sex appeal.  This fly brings so much to the table that just simply can’t be achieved with the standard feather sporting Intruder.   For starters - simply put - what fish doesn’t love the action of rubber legs?  The rigidity of the rubber also creates a large squid-like silhouette with minimal body materials, maximizing sink rate and castability.  And, even the craftiest Berkley drop-out, schooled in the art of tie dying, couldn’t create the color combos offered by silicone.  Purple tipped black with blue sparkly flakes -  made to order for a hungry steelhead!!!   To top it all off, the cherry on top for any sleep deprived guide, is the fact  that they are indestructible.

Color options:

Black/Chart Tip/ Black & Gr Flake

Purple/ hot pink tip/blue flake

Black/ Blue Tip/ Blue Flake

Olive/ Orange Tip/ Orange Flake

Black/ Purple Tip/ Blue Flake

Black/ Red Tip/ Red Flake

Tri-color: Black, Blue, Purple

Chartruese/Hot Orange