Steely Cones

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Our Steely Cone concept is the ultimate answer for really getting down and at the same time, having the ability to fine-tune the depth of your fly.  Simply by changing the size of the cone, you can adjust the depth you're fishing.  This limits the number of times you have to go through the process of changing sink tips.  How many times do you know you should change tips but don't because it is a pain in the butt?  It is a lot easier just to change cone sizes.  Because it is a lot easier, you will take the time to be at just the right depth more often - and we all know what that means.  This concept basically turns 1 fly into 4.  Taking only the time and effort of tying one not, a single fly can go from being un-weighted to having a number of different size weighted heads.  Not only has this method greatly reduced the number of flies I have to keep stocked in my box but, it also gives me the option of adding some serious weight that can't be achieved with standard lead eyes.  This can be key for me during the ugliest of winter conditions when really getting down is the answer.  Sorry that we are temporarily out of the flaked color options.   We sold out and are now looking at having a different company do the flake powder coating. Should be back on line better than before by mid-Sept in time for the cooler water temps when getting down is key!