Shank Fly Trailer Tubes

Price: $3.00

There's a reason bass fisherman hold their rod low and crank like hell when they hook a fish.  They simply don't want the fish to jump!  The heavy lead headed lures they use have a real tendency to leverage the hook free as they shake around in the air.  The same holds true for the big lead-eyed wigglies we now swim for steelhead and salmon.  For that reason, I prefer the "old school" style of rigging truders.  I like the fact that my fly breaks free of the hook when playing a fish so the lead-eyes have less tendency to shake the hook free.  I am also not one to re-sharpen my hook repeatedly until the point is widdled down to a nubbin.  Hooks are relatively inexpensive and are the one element I have control over when hoping to hook a fish I may have spent days chasing.   I consciously force myself to change my hook whenever the point looks suspect.  The "old school" method of rigging shank flies with tubing rather than a braid loop makes this change easy and fast.  Because the swap is so effortless, I am more likely to do it and ultimately means more fish to hand.  We offer the small tubing for fixing your hook to the shank in a number of colors to compliment just about any pattern.