Intruder Ostrich

Price: $3.50

Through the evolutionary path of the intruder, a number of hackling materials have been used but there is no doubt most have settled on ostrich hurls as the "go to" when forming the legs and tails of their wigglies.  That being said, all ostrich is not created equal.  The biggest dilemma for most tiers when creating a soulful intruder is getting "good" ostrich ( good ostrich being plumes with hurls that are slim pointed spears).  Nothing is less appealing than an intruder tied with the big "fluffy" hurls that basically look like marabou once in the drink.  It is the nice shapely hurls that give the "leggy" appearance we're after when tying truders.   We have gone to great effort to ensure we "consistently"  offer the best ostrich on the market.  Yes, a person will occasionally run into that perfect plume at their local shop but nobody takes the time we have to ensure you are getting good "intruder" quality ostrich each time you buy from us.  I won't let anything leave our doors that I wouldn't buy myself.  I guarantee it!  If you're not happy with your purchase, cut the plume in half, slap it in a standard envelope, and send it back.  If I agree with your assessment, I will simply send you another feather.  If not, I will return your money and we will both understand that this is not the place for you to buy ostrich - no hurt feelings!   Once again, please note our standard plumes are 8-12" long and the large plumes are 12-16" long.