Truder Tubes

Price: $29.95


The hottest product we have brought to the market is a new fly storage system.  Rather than the standard “fly box” idea to store and carry your flies, this new concept is designed using tubes.  Anybody that has spent anytime fishing and/or tying the larger intruder or tube style flies has run into the dilemma of “how do you house these things?”  The tubes are the answer! 

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Visor Fly Drying Patch

Price: $24.95

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Visor Fly Drying Strap

Price: $14.95


Maybe the simplest of our signature products is the fly drying system that straps to your car visor.  But, just like the paper weight, the strap's simplicity doesn't take away from its usefulness.  This strap will utilize magnets as well as velcro to hang your flies to dry as you drive home from the river.  Done are the days of chasing your flies around the dash or hooking them into the cloth of your interior.

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