Due to issues with both my and my daughter's health, we have gotten so far behind with the store, we can no longer provide the kind of service we built this business around.  This winter has been our biggest quarter yet but unfortunately came at a time when we simply can't keep up.  After getting behind, we admittedly lost track of product inventory and that has now made it impossible to get orders out in a timely matter.  Honestly, we have some orders dating back from months ago that have still not been sent out.  As confident as I am in our products, I know our current service is upsetting more customers that it's keeping happy.  I please urge you to not place any ordrs that need to be sent out in the near future.  I still have a few regulars that are ordering just to be first on the list when we get caught up but as a first time buyer, I would hold off because I would like your first buying experience to be a positive one.  I am guessing by the end of April, we will be back on track and able to provide the same next-day service that we used to take pride in. Thank you for your patience and understanding, Scott



With all the new equipment swamping the market, purchasing steelhead equipment or a spey outfit can prove to be a daunting task.  We provide an alternative to the standard on-line catalog with endless lists of rods and reels from a dozen different manufactures.  Purposely, not a site for huge selections but a great place to help weed thru the b.s. and purchase something that has been proven to work!  It's also the site to track down the "cool guy/gal" stuff that seems to only make its way thru the inner circles.   Please get back to me if any questions or problems arise with your purchase.  Your satisfaction is my goal.  No problem is too big to solve.  Please give me the chance to make you happy!  





SM2  - the best/ most comprehensive "how to" steelhead video since Lani Waller's  classic in the 70's.  http://skagitmaster.com/